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How to become a guide?

Are you a professional guide, historian, architect, or just know your city perfectly well and want to do guided tours, write to us. We work with guides who are knowledgeable and in love with their work, full of positivity.

How to add your tour?

We will help you arrange the proposed guided tour and find customers, how to offer an tour

watch the video and sign up with us.

Offer a guided tour

Just fill out the form, provide a description and details of the guided tour.

Expect feedback

We will check the offer, contact you for adjustments and feedback.

Guided tour added

The description, at its best, will be added to the website and the guided tour will begin to be advertised.


  • Free addition of guided tour to the website
    We reserve the right to decide whether to add a guided tour based on its relevance and attractiveness to the traveler.
  • We are free promoting the guided tour on internet
    The guided tour will be advertised on various Internet platforms, we will pay for advertising ourselves from our own budget. It is important for the guide to be prompt and respond quickly to customer requests.
  • You can further activate the enhanced advertising on the internet with the payment option «PROMO»
    It will help to receive more requests. Conditions can be read here.
  • Our fee is 10% of the cost of the guided tour, paid by the client when booking
    The rest is paid by customers at the beginning of the guided tour.
    Starting from March 30, 2023, all bookings on our website will have a commission of 15% instead of 10%.


How to make a traveler find you and choose you among so many offers on the Internet?

We have developed a unique «Promo» option for such services, which includes:

  • Increased advertising on Google: When searching for tours, your profile will appear more frequently in the results, which means more people will see you.
  • Promotion of your profile in promotional newsletter with links to your profile and tours, we will send it to our client base, in this way all clients who have booked tours through Cruguide will know about it.
  • Promotional publication on our social networks Facebook and Instagram.

The "Promo" option suits you:

  • If you are a beginning tour guide and have few or no tour requests.
  • If you already have a request flow, but want to potentially increase it.
  • If you have a constant flow of requests, but want to stand out from the competition.
  • If you have a large enough flow of customers, but you want to increase it even more in order to be able to choose among many requests, the one that suits you best.

The subscription cost of this option is €50/month. Only one additional reservation that you have will return the cost of investment in advertising.

You can subscribe to the "Promo" for a month or for a longer period, use it in high season to beat the competition or in the off-season to support demand.

Be a guide!

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