Tips to get the most out of your trip

With these tips I assure you you will be able to get the most out of your trip and you will be able to save on unnecessary things.

Once you have decided what your next destination will be, the first thing is to choose the date of the trip, I recommend that you find out about the season and the weather. With these data you will be able to find the cheapest tickets, hotel and excursions, especially if it is in low season.

The next step will be to prepare your itinerary in advance, book tickets, excursions and transfers in advance, so you ensure all services, get the best deals and save yourself a few bad times.

Although it is true that for some excursions a guide is not required, in many others the guides are very useful. I recommend hiring a local guide especially for those excursions of a historical nature or that require technical or professional knowledge such as hiking, climbing, among others.

Another important thing is to travel light, take the essentials and you can leave a few kilos free for souvenirs and other things you can buy at your destination. Bring your medicines, in some countries it can be difficult to get medicines, so it is always better to bring enough and in the case of medicines prescribed by a doctor, take the prescription. 

To stay connected at a low cost, I recommend buying a local prepaid SIM card, they are cheap and, most importantly, they provide security.

Do not forget your belongings, believe it or not this is very frequent, check your hotel room and the seat in the transport.

I hope these tips help you enjoy your well-deserved vacation to the fullest.

Cruguide / Assistant in the tour organization

Cruguide Assistant in the tour organization

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