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1. How do you book?

Choose your tour:

  • Select the date on the calendar.
  • Indicate the time and number of people.
  • Write to the guide if you need to clarify doubts.
  • Click on Book.
  • We will send you a message confirming the availability of the guide.
  • Pay online 10% of the value of the tour/
  • Once your booking is made, the payment of the remaining balance you will give directly to the guide .

To reserve it is required to pay online 10% by card.

The remaining 90% you will pay directly to the guide in cash or another way according to agreement with the guide.

You can coordinate with the guide the payment details.

Your reservation can be canceled in the following cases:

  • The guide has rejected your request for not being available.
  • One of the parts has not responded within 48 hours.

Just as we have different types of tours, we also have different ways of presenting the price.

  • Price per tour: As the name indicates, it is a fixed price either for 1 or for the maximum number of persons that the tour guide allows for this activity. Therefore the total value of the tour is divided by the maximum number of passengers. Reason why the price appears as from XXX.
  • Price per person: in this case the price is per persons, regardless of the number of people who book the tour, for each of them the price is the same.
  • Minimum price: there are tours that require a minimum number of persons to be carried out, so in cases in which bookings not meet that minimum number of people, the minimum price indicated by the tour guide is applied.

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