Terms and conditions

Terms of use

The conditions of use of the Cruguide Company Application regulate the interaction of tourists, guides/service providers and companies.

Service providers are guides/receptive. The service can be provided personally by the guide, even by telematic means or by any other means.

Establishment of the final parameters of the provision of the service can occur even through telephone communication.

Consumer of services is the Tourist

The company grants the Tourist / Client / Provider the possibility of using the Application, and does not own, create, sell, resell, control, offer, provide, manage the Provider's service, is not responsible to the Guide and / or other third parties for the veracity and/or relevance of the information published in the Application, is not obliged to represent the interests of the Guide/Service Provider in case of disagreement between the Guide and the Tourist, is not responsible for the provision of the Service by the Guide/ Service provider.

The company accepts and transfers payments exclusively in the name of the service provider/guide and makes them in favor of the service provider/Guide.

The service providers are solely responsible for the content of the information published about their services on the Application.

Publication of offers

Guides / service providers provide descriptions of the services provided for publication in the Application.

Company acts as a guide agent / service provider and helps you find tourists, capturing the audience through different channels to make the guided tours popular. For this, he charges a fee of the cost specified by the guide/service provider. The agency's remuneration is not paid separately, but is included in the price that the tourist pays for the guided tour/service.

Reservation of guided tours

Tourists make the reservation in the Application, the guide / service provider confirms the reservation and the tourist pays for the guided tour. After payment, the guided tour is considered booked, a Voucher or Ticket is issued.

Guided tour

After exchanging contacts, the guide and the tourist decide among themselves all the questions and agree on any changes. If anything changes, the other party should be immediately notified and warned.

Both the guide and the tourist must be punctual and not be late for the meeting. In this case, if the guide is late, we may require the guide/service provider to return the payment to the tourist. If the tourist arrives late, the guide/service provider may refuse the visit, in which case the payment may not be refunded due to the costs associated with the cancellation of the organized services.

Safety is the main priority of the guide during the guided tour. The guide is obliged to carry out guided tours in accordance with the description published on the website, or as previously agreed by the guide and the tourist. After all, this is what tourists expect.

Booking cancellation

If the tourist has a frustrated trip, he can cancel the reservation, and the money will be returned according to the terms and conditions of the service provider.

If the guide/service provider has unforeseen circumstances and the tour has to be cancelled, the guide/service provider must notify the tourist immediately and ensure that the tourist has received the information, as well as inform us.

Marketing messages

By using the Application, tourists may receive messages, including those of an advertising nature. At the same time, you can unsubscribe from marketing messages at any time.

These terms are a public offer (offer) addressed to individuals and legal entities that contains essential conditions for the provision of services and the use of the Application.

The full and unconditional acceptance of this offer is any action to fulfill the conditions specified in this offer, including payment for services, registration in the Application, as well as any other action that confirms the intention of a person to use the Mobile Application and /or the Application and/or Services.

From the moment of acceptance, the Client will be deemed to have read and accepted this offer and all the terms and conditions for the provision, payment and cancellation of the services of the providers whose information is published in the Application.

The company's obligations are limited to the terms of this offer, in particular, the obligation does not include the provision of services to the Customer to provide Internet access. The client provides Internet Access at its own cost. In addition, the company does not provide the ability to receive or transmit electronic messages by the Client in the office; configuration and/or diagnosis of hardware and software, and training of Customer and/or Customer's employees in software and hardware skills.

The services are provided under the terms defined in this document published in the Application, the company has the right to modify or supplement these terms at any time, with or without notice to the Clients. The current wording is always on the website.

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